Bande antidérapante industrielle

La bande antidérapante Olejár est composée de minéraux abrasifs appliqués sur un support autocollant pour une application rapide et résistante dans des conditions variées.

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Industrial anti-slip tape

OLEJAR Industrial anti-slip tape consists of abrasive minerals applied to a self-adhesive carrier for fast and durable application in various conditions. Industrial anti-slip tape is durable and effective product and belongs to the most popular of all tapes. There are many colours available as well as three different levels of roughness:

  • Standard – used in most situations, the abrasive surface provides excellent slip resistance.
  • Rough – deeper material for industrial environment.
  • Super rough – a unique product for tougher industrial situations and conditions. The deep grit prevents dirt or dust trapping. We apply a higher-grade adhesive on tape to prevent the ends from lifting and thus increase its life.