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Slovak company OLEJÁR, spol. s r.o. operates in the European Union and in many other countries of the world.

We offer you the pinnacle in production, supply and installation of our products. We guarantee extreme durability of our products and their anti-slip and tactile safety.

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Tactile Products for blind and visually impaired peopleTactile Products for blind and visually impaired people

Tactile warning strip, guiding line and signal strip is used by visually impaired people to orient themselves.

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Anti-slip and navigation solutions Anti-slip and navigation solutions

Anti-slip stair nosings and adhesive tapes increase safety indoors and outdoors.

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We offer a wide range of products to improve pedestrian safety We offer a wide range of products to improve pedestrian safety

Products of various designs and properties to cover all your requirements.


Products from fiberglass, roof boxes Products from fiberglass

Roof boxes, transport coffins, machinery casings, high durability, long service life.

Safety solutions

for pedestrians

We offer wide range of products that increase safety of pedestrians.
Tactile solutions, stair nosings, anti-slip tapes, buildings marking, hygienic handles, Braille and orientation signs.


We can write a lot of lines, slogans and phrases, but what says the most about us is our work. In the references you can see our past projects carried out according to the requirements and needs of customers.

Justizzentrum Eisenstadt The installation of the floor guiding system for the blind in the Justice Center Eisenstadt was carried out in 2013. Self-adhesive guiding strips made of polyurethane TPU/P1 were used for the installation. The guiding system is arranged according to ISOTI rules - International System Of Tactile Indicators. The varying number and arrangement of the strips in the guiding line defines the function of the guiding line or informs about the destination of the guiding path. The basic circuit consists of a 3-line, the path to the lift is a 4-line, the path to the stairs is a 5-line, the warning field in front of the stairs at the top is a transversely oriented 7-line, etc.

Drilling installation of brass elements in the State Theater Darmstadt This installation took place in 2017. Brass guiding strips MS/P2-K/25/140/3.5 and brass warning studs MS/K1-K/25/3,5 were used for the installation of the tactile floor guiding system for the blind. Guiding strips and warning studs with pins were used - drilling installation. The floor indicators are arranged in accordance with the German standard DIN 32984 - Ground surface indicators in public areas. The edges of stairs were marked with MS/K1-K/25/1.5 warning studs. The tactile guiding system won the Federal Republic of Hesse Award for universal design.

Drilling installation of the guiding system in the Uppsala shopping center, Sweden. The tactile floor guiding system for the blind in the Uppsala shopping center was installed in 2020. Brass guiding strips MS/P1/35/280/3.5 and brass warning studs MS/K1/35/3.5 were used to mount the guiding line and warning fields. Guiding strips and warning studs with pins were used - drilling installation. Self-adhesive step marking discs MS/K1/50/1.5, were sticked with 3M VHB 5925 adhesive tape.

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