Made of bronze BR-LINE


Anti-slip degree

Tactile floor warning studs from bronze BR-LINE

Individual tactile floor warning studs in the shape of a dome or a truncated cone ensure long-lasting stable performance. The tactile floor warning studs are made with pin, without pin, as self-adhesive, or with a screw opening, and in various sizes and forms. There are various patterns available - smooth, grooved, milled and with a color insert in the product.

Warning studs are available with a range of colored and non-slip inserts that allow the most suitable contrast value for your installation.

Insert options:

  • anti-slip tape
  • TPU insert
  • PVC insert
  • photoluminescent insert (glowing in the dark)

Based on your request, we can also implement another type of insert.

Surface patterns and inserts of all tactile indicators meet the requirements for anti-slip properties, based on spec the coefficient of friction is R10, R11, R12 or R13. We recommend using a minimum anti-slip value of R10 in interiors and R12 in exteriors.

is an alloy of copper (Cu) and tin (Sn). Tin can be partially or even completely replaced by lead, aluminium or other elements. The high tin content leads to high strength and flexibility with adequate conductivity. The alloy is resistant to wear, has very good resistance to natural and industrial atmosphere, as well as sea air, drinking and service water (if the flow is not excessive), sea water, non-oxidizing acids, alkaline solution and neutral salt solution. Bronze is not resistant to ammonia solutions, halides, cyanide and gases and oxidizing acids. Bronze alloys have improved resistance to seawater and pitting corrosion.
Bronzes are divided according to the number of ingredients and the main ingredient in them:

  1. tin bronze (CuSn8, CuSn12, CuSn7Zn4Pb7, CuSn6)
  2. lead bronze (CuSn7Pb15)
  3. aluminum bronze (CuAl10Ni5Fe4, CuAl10Fe3Mn1.5)
  4. and others