Waterproof tapes

-15% Waterproof tape

Waterproof tape

0,79 € from 0,67 €
-15% Durable waterproof tape

Durable waterproof tape

17,61 € from 14,97 €
-15% Rough durable waterproof tape

Rough durable waterproof tape

38,14 € from 32,42 €
-15% Thin rough durable waterproof tape
Waterproof tapes

OLEJAR Waterproof anti-slip tapes have a unique anti-slip coating which ensures effective slip resistance, yet they have a smooth surface, comfortable enough to walk barefoot and prevent damage to skin.

It has always been a challenge to secure flooring in wet environments, however, OLEJAR Waterproof anti-slip tapes can easily help to obtain a good non-slip surface.

OLEJAR Waterproof anti-slip tape is an excellent product with many advantages. The material is non-abrasive which means that there are no hidden areas in which bacteria or dirt can be found. Therefore, OLEJAR Waterproof tapes are perfect for kitchens, for use on boats, in showers, baths and other areas where you walk barefoot.

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