Waterproof tape

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Waterproof tape

OLEJAR Waterproof tape is made of non-abrasive material. In many cases, an abrasive material cannot be used for the following reasons:

  • The product has to be easy to clean
  • The abrasive grit must not be released
  • The abrasive surface can abrade skin, fabric or other materials
  • Cleaning machines are not compatible with the abrasive material

For the above-mentioned reasons, we have created OLEJAR Waterproof tape that has a plastic surface with a structured pattern which provides and effective, water-resistant non-slip surface. Waterproof tape is an excellent product with many advantages. The material is non-abrasive which means that there are no hidden areas in which bacteria or dirt can be found. Therefore, OLEJAR Waterproof tapes are perfect for kitchens, for use on boats, in showers, baths and other areas where you walk barefoot.

The Waterproof tape is water resistant and provides the perfect combination of slip resistance and comfort under the skin. When applied on baths and showers, we recommend to use anti slip disks or strips in a ladder effect.

The Waterproof tape is very tough and provides excellent impact protection. Many of our customers use to apply it to metal surfaces because it provides resistance against scratching and damage thanks to its thick homogenous construction.