Information about cookies

Information about cookies

In order to ensure the proper functioning of this website and to improve the services provided, we sometimes store small data files on your device, so-called cookies.

1. What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files created by communication between this website and the browser. Cookies are stored on servers, using a browser, on your device (computer, mobile phone, tablet). Thanks to cookies, our website will know your device the next time you visit.
2. What do we use cookies for?
Our servers use cookies in order to improve services and adapt the content of the website to your needs and preferences. We use them mainly for:
a)  monitoring the proper functioning of the website,
b) improvement of provided services,
c) recognition and simplification of the use of the website when visiting again,
d) collecting, analyzing and evaluating information about your approach and behavior on the website,
e) providing information from the area of your interests and needs,
f) recommending a service that meets your interests and needs,
g) remarketing.
Cookies are used by almost every website. When you visit again, they'll help you remember the pages you've visited and previous settings.
By browsing this website, you agree to the storage of cookies for this purpose. The data collected is anonymous and does not lead to your direct identification.
3. What are the types of cookies?
In terms of time, we use cookies that are temporary and permanent.
a) Temporary cookies are stored on your device only for the duration of the visit until you close the website.
b) Persistent cookies are stored in your device and remain there until you delete them, resp. the time set in the browser does not expire.

In terms of content, the operator uses the following cookies:

a) Basic cookies that are necessary for the proper and quality use of the website (eg login details);
b) Operational cookies, through which we can analyze your behavior on the website (eg the number of pages on which it was or how long it stayed on it);
c) Functional cookies, through which we can improve the functionality of the website by recording which services have already been offered to you.
d) Advertising cookies, through which it is possible to evaluate the range of your interests and needs and, based on that, offer you relevant services.
We use cookies for advertising purposes only with your consent.

4. How to change the storage of cookies?
Most web browsers support cookies management. You can delete, block or completely disable the use of cookies in your browser, or restrict them to the types you select.
You can find information about browsers and how cookies are managed on this website or in other documentation of internet browsers.

Internet Explorer:

5. Third party cookies
Our website also contains links to other websites. Therefore, while browsing our website, cookies may be created that are not subject to our control. For example, it links to Google's analytics tools or Facebook or YouTube content. You can read the terms of use of cookies on their website.
6. Who to contact?
If you have any questions regarding the use of cookies on our website, contact us at