ALV PVC without elox


Anti-slip degree
ALV PVC without elox
without elox

Tactile floor guiding lines made of aluminium ALV-LINE

Individual surface tactile guiding lines in the shape of longitudinal ribs are made of aluminum and ensure long-lasting stable performance. Guiding lines are available with a range of colored PVC inserts that allow you to select the most suitable contrast value for your installation.

Based on request, we can also implement a different type of insert. We also supply sole aluminium profiles without inserts and also separate inserts.

ALV guiding lines meet the requirements for anti-slip properties individual patterns have a coefficient of friction value from R10 to R12. We recommend using a minimum anti-slip effect of R10 in interiors and R12 in exteriors.


Aluminium alloy AW-6060 T6 (AlMgSi0.5) belongs to the group of wrought aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloys. It can be formed by extrusion, forging or rolling, but is not used as a wrought alloy in casting.

Aluminum alloy 6060 is a medium-hard heat-treatable alloy. It has very good resistance to corrosion in the atmosphere, sea water, very good weldability, good cold formability and has a very good eloxation reaction.