BR KHR warning studs

Dome-shaped tactile floor warning studs made of bronze, smooth surface.

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Individual tactile surface warning studs in shape of a truncated cone are made of stainless steel and ensure long lasting stable performance.
They are also characterized by: good resistance to corrosion, abrasion, excellent resistance to weathering, ozone, sunlight and oxidation.
Strips and studs are made with pins and without pins in a variety of designs with a possible plastic insert inserted into the product.
The system has already proved good in train stations, banks, universities, entrance areas, et


  • Minimal impact on staff/pedestrians during installation
  • Quick and easy installation using a template on all surfaces, including concrete, ceramic tiles, asphalt, wood floors and      
    most other surfaces
  • Embossed anti-slip surface, safe and non-slip
  • Long-lasting product performance, impact resistant
  • Low maintenance demands
  • Walking possible immediately after installation, by full load after 24 hours
  • They are modular and their universality allows endless configurations to adapt to new or existing surfaces and styles   
    of design
  • AISI-lines have a height of 3.5 and 5 mm, which ensures that there will be never any danger on the road
  • Stainless steel ensures stability and durability of the product indoors and outdoors
  • AISI-LINE offers the specifiers the possibility to maintain the aesthetics of the substrate without limitation of tactile    

Tactile warning studs in the shape of a truncated cone or a dome shape should be arranged in a square grid, parallel or diagonal at 45 ° to the main direction of travel.

The tactile warning strip consists of a relief of warning studs with the possibility of arrangement in a diagonal or parallel layout:

1. Warning strip with warning studs in diagonal layout, vertical and isometric view.

2. Warning strip with warning studs in parallel layout, vertical view.

Recommended distances between tactile warning studs:

The spacing refers to the shortest distance between the centers of two adjacent tactile warning studs, which may be parallel or diagonal at an angle of 45 ° to the direction of travel. The spacing must be within the ranges given in relation to the upper diameter in the table above.


Upper level diameter of warning studs (mm) Axial distance between warning studs (mm)
12 42 to 61
15 45 to 63
18 48 to 65
20 50 to 68
25 55 to 70
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