Bande réfléchissante pour véhicules

La bande réfléchissante pour véhicules est une bande de marquage de qualité élevée destinée aux véhicules marchandises lourds, afin qu'ils répondent au règlement ECE104 sur la visibilité.

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Reflective tape for vehicles

OLEJAR Reflective tape for vehicles is a high-quality marking tape designed for heavy trucks to conform with ECE104 conspicuity regulations. Reflective tape for vehicles is used to outline the rear and sides of newly registered vehicles over 7,5 tonnes and trailers over 3,5 tonnes in UK and Europe.

OLEJAR Reflective tape for vehicles provides excellent retroreflective performance. This is achieved by a surface covers with small, artificial prisms that reflect the light back at the source in a tight cone. This increases visibility in almost all lighting conditions.

The prisms are applied on the metallic base which is covered with a plastic foil heat-sealed along the edges to prevent water penetration and delamination. This manufacturing process creates a corrosion-resistant safety tape, backed with a clear, pressure-sensitive adhesive that will effectively adhere onto surfaces.

OLEJAR Reflective tape for vehicles is available in red, white and yellow colour which marks the vehicle as brightly during the day as at night.

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