Tactile indicators


Anti-slip degree
Tactile indicators
Embossed elements on land communications are referred to as tactile floor indicators. They are used as markings for the blind and increase pedestrian safety. We divide tactile indicators into warning strips, guiding strips and signal strips.

All tactile indicators from OLEJAR Safety are:

  • Easily detectable from the surrounding surface by being raised above the ground and have proper visual contrast;
  • Maintain detectability throughout its lifetime;
  • Designed to prevent tripping;
  • Have a non-slip surface;

Also, tactile indicators are required to:

  • Be used in a logical and sequential manner;
  • Be installed consistently so that they can be interpreted by users;
  • Be high enough in the direction of travel to ensure adequate detectability and adequate response by users, such as stopping and turning.

Mandatory installation of tactile indicators

According to the Disability Discrimination Act, it is mandatory to place tactile warning studs and guiding lines indoors and outdoors in all publicly accessible areas.



Our company specializes in pedestrian safety solutions and is of the leading experts in the field of accessibility and safety of public spaces. Since 2008, we manufacture tactile floor indicators in our modern factory in Slovakia, Europe. 

We deeply believe in a close and trusting relationship with our customers. We work closely with our customers - online, by phone and on the construction site. All this provides valuable feedback for our project department so that we can further improve our products. We sell tactile indicators worldwide and offer delivery in more than 100 countries.