AISI 304 H P1 guiding strips

Tactile floor guiding strips in the shape of an angular longitudinal rib, made of stainless steel 304, grooved surface.

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Individual tactile surface guidelines /tactile guide strips/ in shape of longitudinal ribs are made of stainless steel and ensure long lasting stable performance. They are also characterized by: good resistance to corrosion, abrasion, excellent resistance to weathering, ozone, sunlight and oxidation.
Tactile surface guidelines /tactile guide strips/ are made with pins and without pins in a variety of designs with a possible plastic insert inserted into the product.
The system has already proved good in train stations, banks, universities, entrance areas, etc


  • Minimal impact on staff/pedestrians during installation
  • Quick and easy installation using a template on all surfaces, including concrete, ceramic tiles, asphalt, wood floors and
    most other surfaces
  • Embossed anti-slip surface, safe and non-slip
  • Long-lasting product performance, impact resistant
  • Low maintenance demands
  • Walking possible immediately after installation, by full load after 24 hours
  • They are modular and their universality allows endless configurations to adapt to new or existing surfaces and styles
    of design
  • AISI-LINE has a height of 3.5 and 5 mm, which ensures that there will be never any danger on the road
  • Stainless steel ensures stability and durability of the product indoors and outdoors
  • AISI-LINE offers the specifiers the possibility to maintain the aesthetics of the substrate without limitation of tactile


The tactile guiding strip must be arranged parallel to the longitudinal guideing strips with a flat top.

Recommended distances between tactile guiding strips:

Upper level width of guiding strips (mm) Axial distance between guiding strips (mm)
17 57 to 78
20 60 to 80
25 65 to 83
30 70 to 85

The layout and number of strips shown are illustrative, your layout may vary depending on the size of the guiding strips and the overall width of the guiding line according to the country standards.

Systematic research carried out on tactile warning studs with different dimensions has indicated that the upper diameter of 12 mm is the optimal dimension for blind and visually impaired people to detect and recognize the soles of their shoes. Experience shows that the optimal upper average for other groups within the community could be higher.

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